EastEnders spoilers – Linda Carter makes huge announcement over the Vic


EastEnders spoilers follow.

Linda Carter has stunned Alfie Moon with her decision to sell the Vic in EastEnders.

The day-to-day running of the pub has been left to Linda ever since her ex-husband Mick Carter apparently died last month and his mom Shirley Carter subsequently left Walford.

In Thursday’s (January 19) episode, Alfie shared his plans to throw a summer-themed party in the Vic to help with the cloud hanging over most of the community.

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When Kim Fox mentioned to Sharon Watts that the Vic was open for a party, Sharon was concerned and made a phone call.

By the time the party got underway, Alfie was thrilled to see his efforts to lift everyone’s spirits was seemingly working.

However, the party atmosphere came to a crashing halt when Linda Carter returned to Walford with daughter Annie to break up the party.

Linda accused Alfie and the rest of the revelers of dishonouring Mick’s memory by partying in his own pub. Though Alfie tried to explain himself, a furious Linda threw him out of the pub.

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Alfie turned to Harvey for advice on how he could fix things, with Harvey suggesting he should fight for his friendship with Linda if it truly means something to him.

Alfie was spurred on to return to the pub to try to convince Linda he was only trying to act like a friend and show her how much the people in Walford need her.

“Linda, me and you, we’re friends,” Alfie assured her. “I care for you and I’m gonna be here for you.”

He then vowed: “I’m sorry but I ain’t gonna get out of your life.”

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His explanation ultimately satisfied Linda, as she let him keep his job behind the bar. However, Linda then dropped a huge bombshell about the ownership of the Vic.

“I do need somewhere that’s home, but it can’t be here,” Linda said. “Seeing what you did today made me realize I couldn’t have done that. Not now, not without Mick.

“It all just reminds me of him. It’s time to sell the Vic.”

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