First Look: 5DEV’s Titanium Chainring Promises 3x the Durability


5DEV, the manufacturer of those wild-looking aluminum see-through cranks, has just released a titanium chainring designed to be used on both mountain bikes and e-bikes. The rings are available in 34 and 36-tooth sizes and use a 104mm, 4-bolt BCD mounting pattern – there’s no direct-mount version at this point but it’s in the works. They’re claimed to weigh 48 grams.

You can get your 5DEV chainring in bronze, purple, teal, or raw, the latter being the only correct choice for anything made of titanium. All options cost $149.99 USD, and they’re said to last three times as long as an aluminum chainring.

5DEV titanium chain ring
• Intended use: mountain bikes, e-bikes
• Sizes: 34t, 36t
• Mounting: 104mm BCD
• Material: Titanium
• Narrow-wide tooth profile
• Colors: Bronze, purple, teal, raw
• Compatibility: 7, 11, 12spd SRAM or Shimano, OChain
• Weight: 48 grams
• Made in San Diego, California
• MSRP: $149.99 USD
• More info:

Why might someone want a titanium chain ring? 5DEV says that their ring will last three times as long as a much softer, faster-wearing aluminum version. Chainrings typically wear out slower than a single cassette cog (or entire cassette) and need to be replaced less frequently, which is why most bikes come with aluminum chainrings that weigh less than a steel version that would, of course, last longer. But a titanium ring aims to combine the low weight of aluminum with the durability of steel… for a price.

Just like their stem and cranks, the chainrings are manufactured in San Diego, California, and are not inexpensive, with all four color options costing $149.99 USD. That’s in the same ballpark as an XTR direct-mount ring and a bit more than one from SRAM but, given that 5DEV says that they, “provide at least three times the durability and longevity of your aluminum ring,” would you consider one?

Is a titanium chainring a smart upgrade or a beautiful extravagance?


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