Julian Sands: Missing British actor’s car found as son joins frantic California search party


Julian Sands: Who is the Hollywood British actor missing in California?

Julian Sandsthe British star of films such as A Room With a View and Arachnophobia, has-been identified as the hiker who has been missing in a California mountain range since last week.

Sands, 65, has been missing in the Mount Baldy area since Friday January 13, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

The actor was thought to have been somewhere on the popular Baldy Bowl Trail, which climbs 3,900 feet over 4.5 miles to the highest summit in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Search and rescue crews looking for Sands had to suspend the search over the weekend because of avalanche threat, a department spokesperson told CNNwith authorities continuing to use drones.

The Independent understands that Sands’ son Henry has joined the search. He is retracing the route his father took, with the assistance of an experienced climber.

California has been hit by a series of violent winter storms that have brought flooding and major snowfall in the past few weeks.

Sands, who lives in north Hollywood and has appeared in more than 150 movies and television shows during his career, most recently starred in the horror film The Ghosts of Monday.

Among his forthcoming releases is a thriller called Double Soulco-starring F Murray Abraham.


The Independent understands that Sands’ son Henry has joined the search in California.

He is retracing the route his father took, with the assistance of an experienced climber.

Henry is Sands’ child from his previous marriage to journalist Sarah Sands (born Harvey).

Sands also shares two adult daughters, Imogen and Natalya, with his current wife, the author Evgenia Citkowitz.

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Mount Baldy is considered one of the most dangerous peaks in the US to climb

In recent years, several experienced hikers have died due to Mount Baldy’s here terrain. It’s considered one of the most dangerous peaks to climb in the US.

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What weather conditions did Sands disappear in?

Sands was believed to have been hiking the popular Baldy Bowl Trail in the Mount Baldy area, which at the moment is said to be experiencing snow showers.

The actor has been missing since Friday 13 January, and according to weather forecast16cm (6 inches) of snow are predicted to have fallen in the 48 hours between Sunday 15 of January at 10AM and Tuesday 17 of January at 10AM PST.

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More detail about the ongoing search can be found here…

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Police have revealed that two hikers have died within the last four weeks attempting to climb the trail on Mount Baldy and the surrounding area.

“The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is asking everyone to follow these simple tips to keep yourself and others safe,” they wrote.

• Heed all posted warning signs

• Look at weather conditions (both current and forecasted) for the area

• Make sure you have the proper gear, training and are properly prepared for alpine conditions (Crampons, ice axe, proper clothing)

• Bring a tracking or GPS device such as a SPOT Device or INREACH Device

• Make sure your cell phone has a full charge and bring a charged extra power pack for it

• Let someone know where and when you are going, and what time you will be back

• Most importantly- If you don’t know, please don’t go!

Read the full Facebook post here.

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To reshare, in case you missed it…

A vehicle believed to be Julian Sands’ car has been located by authorities near the trail.

Julian Sands’ car discovered as search for missing actor continues

A car believed to belong to Julian Sands has been found by crews during a search operation for the missing British actor. This footage shows the scene In Mount Baldy, California, as the vehicle was towed away as officials continue the search. Mr Sands, who has starred in The Killing Fields and A Room With a View has been missing since Friday, 13 January. The 65-year-old is thought to have been hiking along the popular Baldy Bowl Trail in the San Gabriel Mountains, according to local reports. Click here to sign up for our newsletters.

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More of a detailed look at his career and life here…

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It’s a testament to the range of Sands’ talent that everybody seems to be sharing different favorite performances from him.

Whether it’s playing villains, or sidekicks, or romantic leads, there seems to be no end to the ways Sands has connected with audiences.

Take Ken Russell’s gothicfor example…

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Friends of Julian Sands –including Rufus Sewell, Barbara Crampton, Frances Fisher and Elizabeth Perkins have shared messages of concern for the actor on social media.

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A bit more information on the storms that have hit California in recent days.

The extreme weather conditions have already complicated search and rescue efforts.

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