KSI annihilates FaZe Temperrr with first-round knockout, says he needs more tests before fighting Jake ‘m*************’ Paul


KSI continues to stake his claim as one of the biggest stars in all of influencer boxing.

The YouTube star-turned-fighter made short work of FaZe Temperrr, needing a little more than two minutes to land a knockout blow on the pro gamer on Saturday in the exhibition main event of Misfits Boxing 4 at Wembley Arena in London.

Temperrr was previously scheduled to compete in another bout on the card, but was moved up to to the headlining spot to replace Dillon Danis.

From the start, KSI went hunting for a knockout, though Temperrr made him work with a few well-timed counters as KSI wildly swarmed. However, it was only a matter of time until KSI landed and the end came when he cracked Temperrr with a 1-2 combination, a left hand bomb proving to be the finishing strike.

The official time of the stoppage was 2:19 of Round 1.

Afterwards, KSI fielded questions about a number of possible opponents including celebrity boxer Joe Fournier, former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodleyand Slim Albaher, who competed earlier on the card.

It’s unclear who KSI will fight next, but he made sure to mention the importance of a Paul fight in the future.

“Yes, I need to be tested,” KSI said. “I need more tests until I reach the final level. The final point: Jake m************ Paul.”

Paul was quick to respond to the mention on social media.

Fournier was in attendance and stepped onto the stage to answer KSI’s challenge, proposing a May date for their fight. KSI did not commit to the date, though he replied, “I’m down” and the two later faced off.

KSI won his third straight exhibition boxing bout by knockout. This past August, he KO’d two men in one night at The O2 Arena in London.


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