New GTA Online exploit now allows cheaters to ban your account


A new Grand Theft Auto: Online exploit on PC now allows cheaters to ban or delete your GTA Online profile along with being able to modify your stats.

We recently reported that cheaters could crash peoples game whilst players were in single player, now its got a whole lot worse. A credible source within the community known as Tez2 has reported that hackers can now delete and ban peoples online profiles on PC.

picture credit: @TezFunz2

The image above, shows what cheaters have access to due to this exploit, it allows them to alter other players ranks, put them in bad sport lobbies, ban and delete a persons GTA Online profile, remove their money or give them up to $15 Million , along with resetting a players mission cooldown.

Like in our previous article, we people not to play Grand Theft Auto V on PC without a firewall activated, or avoid the game completely with the mess Rockstar has allowed it to get in.

Below is a workaround to stop these cheaters using these options against you, this is the same firewall we advised for the previous exploit.

You can briefly turn off the firewall to allow friends to join you and then use the firewall to relock the session.

You can download the herethen select Locked Session. Its as simple as that.

We would say, we hope to see this fixed soon, but Rockstar dont seem to be in a rush to fix anything at the minute unless it allows players to earn money quicker in GTA Online.

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