Nintendo Switch Online Users Surprised With Exclusive Freebie


Nintendo Switch Online subscribers on Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED have been surprised with yet another freebie, this time involving Fire Emblem Engagethe brand-new Fire Emblem game. Yesterday, nintendo and Intelligent Systems released a brand new Fire Emblem game dubbed Fire Emblem Engage. It currently boasts an 82 on Metacritic, which is a strong score, but a bit lower than its predecessor, Fire Emblem Three Houses. That said, if you’re enjoying the new Switch exclusive or are a Fire Emblem fan in general, and are also a Switch Online subscriber, you’ll be happy to know new profile icons have been added featuring characters from the game.

A variety of different icons are currently available to exchange via Platinum Points, but only for one week. However, there are six planned waves of different icons from the game. These waves won’t feature any of the same icons, so if you miss out on one, you’re out of luck, but there will be plenty of icons to pick up in case you do.

Each icon — Sommie, Celicia, Lumera, Marth, Vander, Clanne, Framme, Alear male, Alear female, and Alear’s sword Liberation — are all priced at 10 Platinum Points. Right now, it’s unclear if an Expansion Pack subscription is required to participate.

Fire Emblem Engage opts for a more classic version of the Fire Emblem experience, with a mix of deep strategic combat, quirky characters, and goofy fan service, but doesn’t try to really remake or refine the experience in a meaningful way,” reads the opening of our review of the game. “The upcoming Fire Emblem game is largely a celebration of the franchise as a whole, with numerous characters and maps from Fire Emblem games making an appearance through the new Emblem Ring system and accompanying Paralogues. However, because the game leans into what has made the franchise so appealing over the course of the last 25 years, it fails to really rise above the franchise’s history or innovate gameplay at all. The result is a game that’s enjoyable but safe, an experience that sticks to the hits instead of trying to build on what’s come before to create a new experience.”


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