NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti expected to offer RTX 3070 performance for less than $500


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GeForce RTX 4060 Ti rumors

Pricing and performance rumors for NVIDIA’s new mid-range GPU begin to surface.

MyDrivers citing their sources claim that the upcoming GeForce RTX 4060 Ti will cost less than $500. This would be the cheapest RTX 40 desktop GPU to be released thus far, but still not cheap. Just assuming that the price is closer to $500, this would mean a considerable price increase for the X60 Ti SKU, since the last-gen model was priced at $399.

Furthermore, Kopite7kimi spilled the beans on this card’s performance. It is said that RTX 4060 Ti would perform similar to RTX 3070. What is interesting about this claim is that RTX 3070 launched with $499 MSRP, but the card still sold at higher price to this day.

The price increase is now seen for almost every SKU in this generation. With no affordable options in sight, NVIDIA is somehow confident that this price increase is justified. Yet, one should remind our readers that RTX 4060 Ti is using AD106 GPU attached to 128-bit memory bus. We typically do not see graphics cards in this price range with such a narrow bus.

Of course, neither MyDrivers nor Kopite information is confirmed by NVIDIA, and given what we know about this card, it will take a long time before we start getting concrete information. The card is to be expected in late Q1 at soonest.

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Source: MyDrivers, @kopite7kimi


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