Prince Harry latest news: King Charles III ‘must be furious’ over nicknames for royal aides


Prince Harry shows Stephen Colbert the necklace William broke

King Charles III is likely to be furious over “derogatory” nicknames prince harry has given private secretaries in his memoir, a royal biographer claims.

Tea duke of sussex refers to three “brokers” as The Bee, The Fly and The Wasp, writing: “I’d spent my life dealing with brokers, scores of them. But now I dealt mostly with just three, all middle-aged white men who’d managed to consolidate power through a series of bold Machiavellian maneuvers.”

Robert Jobson said that anyone with a “semblance” of knowledge about the workings of the royal household would know who the “deeply insulting” comments are about.

Harry has denied boasting about killing 25 people in Afghanistan, describing this as “very dangerous” spin.

The Duke told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show in the US that watching the reactions has been “hurtful and challenging”.

“Without a doubt, the most dangerous lie that they have told is that I somehow boasted about the number of people that I killed in Afghanistan,” Harry said.

Spare has become the fastest-selling non-fiction book ever, recording figures of 400,000 copies so far across hardback, ebook and audio formats on its first day of publication.


King Charles would be ‘furious’ over Harry’s ‘deeply insulting’ nicknames for private secretaries

King Charles would be “furious” over “derogatory” nicknames for private secretaries used in Prince Harry’s memoir Sparea royal biographer has claimed.

In the book, the duke of sussex refers to three “courtiers” nicknamed The Bee, The Fly and The Wasp who would be “easily identifiable” by royal insiders as private secretaries of the senior royals at the time.

Harry writes in the book: “I’d spent my life dealing with brokers, scores of them. But now I dealt mostly with just three, all middle-aged white men who’d managed to consolidate power through a series of bold Machiavellian maneuvers.

Read the full story by Thomas Kingsley here:

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The most revealing takeaways from memoir

In between the louder moments – the press scandals, tears and even allegations of physical fights – are poignant or, arguably, more revealing recollections. Roisin O’Connor looks at five of them:

Jane Dalton12 January 2023 07:00


Prince Harry fans saddened over claim he never hugged his grandmother: ‘Where is the family love?’

The Duke of Sussex’s highly-anticipated memoir finally hit shelves on Tuesday, 10 January. Just hours after the autobiography was released, more than 400,000 copies were sold in the UK, making Spare the fastest-selling non-fiction book ever.

Read the full story by Meredith Clark here:

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Harry revelations ‘could fuel change in royal households’

A historian has said he thinks the UK needs some kind of reset over its relationship with the monarchy, “and we need to think carefully about what the monarchy is, what role it plays in society”:

Jane Dalton12 January 2023 06:00


Voices: The Bee, The Fly and The Wasp: Harry’s acid outburst against the gray men in the palace

Dedicated public servants or lower than vermin? Harry goes low…

Read the piece by Sean O’Grady here:

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He grew up with an absent dad and a love of The Prince and the Pauper. Now he’s written Prince Harry’s memoir

Prince Harry’s ghostwriter, JR Moehringer, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning features writer whose own memoir about his absent father was adapted into a George Clooney-directed film. Now he’s turned his hand to ferreting out the most intimate details of royal life and familial intrigue, writes Sheila Flynn:

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Piers Morgan has proven himself Meghan Markle’s greatest fan

If “fan” stems from the word “fanatic”, that seems a good description of the presenter’s behavior, writes Katie Edwards:

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King Charles carried ‘pitiful teddy bear’ with him everywhere, Prince Harry says

King Charles apparently carried a teddy bear around with him everywhere, according to prince harry writing in his new book, Spare.

Remembering seeing his father with the teddy while he was growing up, Harry said the bear was “pitiful” with “broken arms and dangly threads”.

He’s believed the bear was from Charles’ days at boarding school Gordonstoun in Scotland, where he was badly bullied, but he’s unknown if he still takes the toy around with him.

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TK Maxx denies Prince Harry’s claim about shopping retailer’s annual sales

TK Maxx denied prince harry‘s claim about shopping at the retailer during his yearly sales, which he mentioned in his new memoir, Spare.

In his book, which was released on 10 January, the Duke of Sussex reflected on buying from TK Maxx during their “once-a-year sale”. However, TK Maxx has now responded to the royal’s claim, noting that its stores don’t “do sales”.

“Whilst we’re delighted Prince Harry is a big fan, we thought we should explain we don’t actually do sales,” a spokesperson for the brand told Express. “Instead, we offer great value, style, and savings all year round.”

The response from TK Maxx – which is known as TJ Maxx in the US – comes after Harry made claims about how much he loves buying his daily attire from the department store.

Read the full story by Amber Raiken here:

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Clarkson has the right to say what he wants about Meghan, says culture secretary

The culture secretary has defended Jeremy Clarkson’s right to free speech when asked about the presenter’s much-criticized comments regarding Meghan Markle.

Clarkson wrote that he loathed the Duchess of Sussex “on a cellular level” and wanted people to “throw lumps of excrement” at her.

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