Swindon Asda guards KSI and Logan Paul drink Prime with security


Logan Paul and KSI’s energy drink Prime has caused quite a stir in the UK with people scrambling to get their hands on it, and Swindon is certainly no exception.

Aldi stocked the drink at the end of November, but the branches in Swindon sold out within ten minutes of them hitting the shelves.

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Now it’s Asda’s turn, with the Orbital supermarket getting a stock of the viral drink in, and people queuing outside before opening on the morning of Sunday, January 15, to get their hands on some.

A photo taken by a member of the public even shows that Asda is taking the sale of the drink very seriously and in a move usually reserved for restricted items like knives or superglue, has hidden it all behind a sales counter with their own security guard.

Clearly not buying into the hype, Ashley Retals posted the picture onto the Priory Vale, North Swindon Facebook page with the caption “world has definitely gone mad.”

He added that there were adults queuing outside with rucksacks waiting to get in.

Asda initially had exclusive rights to the hydration product and it proved to be such a popular product that the chain put a three-per-person limit on sale.

But as of Friday, December 29, Aldi was able to stock the drink – in similarly limited quantities.

Demand for the social media sensation’s drink has been so high that it has fetched impressive, and ludicrous, figures on the secondary market with some buyers trying to re-sell it for more than 500 times its retail price on eBay.

Co-promoter of Prime, Youtuber KSI, has hit out at the people reselling bottles of Prime at extremely marked-up prices.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, he said: “I saw people just getting frustrated that they can’t get more than three bottles, because it’s three bottles per person.

“I genuinely, I hate it. I hate the reselling. I hate it. I want everyone to have Prime at a reasonable price. It’s just taking advantage of people because of the hype – and it’s not fair.”

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But is the drink worth the hype? We managed to get our hands on two bottles at the Swindon Advertiser offices and several members of the editorial team were able to try them.

But the verdict wasn’t a resounding endorsement for the sports drink which was described by our reporters as tasting like ‘gone-off Vimto’ or ‘Haribo that have been left in the sun for too long.”


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