Young WWE Fan Describes Meeting Uncle Howdy Backstage


A young pro wrestling podcaster who got the opportunity to meet some WWE stars during this week’s “WWE Raw” taping has a big guess for who’s behind the “Uncle Howdy” mask.

The young WWE fan, Chloe, said on her “What’s Up, WWE Universe?” podcast that she ran into several “Raw” superstars backstage at this week’s taping in Birmingham, Alabama, and she shared stories about several interactions she had with them, including a brief wave hello to the masked “Uncle Howdy” character.

“We also saw Finn Balor and Solo Sikoa and Kevin Owens too – that was insane – and then Uncle Howdy walks by and I’m just like, ‘Hi!’ and he’s just, like, very friendly and he waves back at me,” she recounted. “I’m just going to tell y’all the voice did seem a little on the high side like it was a male voice obviously but on the higher side. But I mean, hey, is it Bo Dallas? I was going to say , did I meet Bo Dallas and I didn’t realize?”

Rumors have swirled in recent months that former WWE star Bo Dallas – Bray Wyatt’s real-life brother – could be the wrestler playing the “Uncle Howdy” character, who has shadowed nearly every move Wyatt has made since returning to WWE last fall.

It was unclear to fans for several months “Uncle Howdy” was merely one of Wyatt’s alter-egos or whether it was supposed to be a separate character, played by a separate wrestler, all together. For weeks, the two characters only interacted via pre-tapped segments or wrestler-to-titantron interactions, making it possible that Wyatt could play both men. However, in recent weeks, the “Uncle Howdy” character has appeared in the flesh on WWE television while Wyatt has also been on-screen, appearing to confirm it is two separate wrestlers.


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